Whoever sees Dean live is impressed by his dynamic personality and is captivated by his expressive voice with unique character.

But who's the man behind this distinctive and emotional voice, that turns every song into something very special?

Early on Dean discovered his love for music. Being a child he learned how to play the guitar, and being in school he founded his first band. His father encouraged and supported him to develop his promising voice.

After Dean left school he played in several bands, giging in local pubs and clubs for a few years. Most of the set was covers with the occasional original track they wrote together thrown in.

His first steps in music business Dean did in his mid 20's. He got a recording deal with Akropolis and released the single "It's hard to understand", which reached No1 in the charts on Bravo Hits. 


In the following years Dean carried on writing songs, most of them with his friend Matt Parker ... they were more of a band style rather than a pop artist ... which just wasn't him.

Then in 2005 Dean set up a writing team with his school buddy Mike Terry (who had by then written songs for many successful artists and experienced success) and Dave Major (T.Rex keyboards) and they called their company "Uplift music". Over the following year they wrote some quality commercial tunes for several artists and shooted a video for the track "Music got the best of me" they had written for the band "Tinka". They also did some songs for the Welsh boyband "Maxin" who were on many tv shows playing the songs written and produced by Dean and his partners.


He carried on writing and working with Matt Parker and they recorded the album "Gravitiy", on which Dean shows off his abilities as singer and songwriter.


Dean Barton - a name we are definitely going to hear more often in the future.

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