What age have you been when you wrote your first song?

Think I was 16 when I wrote my first tune.

A song called "In the summer" written with Mike Terry and another called "Lead your life" I did with Matt Parker are among the first songs I wrote... and I still like these two today!


What's the process if you're writing a song on your own?

The process for me in most cases is I just pick up the guitar and start playing something. Sometimes based on the way I'm feeling... sometimes maybe the way somebody else is feeling.

I often get ideas for songs as I'm falling asleep! Once the basis of the song is written then I'll record it with acoustic guitar with vocals and then with the band we build from there.


How long does it take to write a song?

Sometimes a song can be written in 5 or 10 minutes. Some just seem to write themselves while others sometimes never get finished.


How long did you work on your album "Gravity"?

We didn't rush recording the album "Gravity", think we spent around 12 months. Myself and Matt had other musical commitments and a family life. We would do a day a week, sometimes more. Then I might be away with Spirit of Smokie for two or three weeks.

Did you ever write a song dedicated to someone?

Yes sometimes.


Do you remember the first song you ever performed in front of an audience?

The first song I ever played on stage with a band was at a jam night in my local town. The song was Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. They used to record the jam nights on tape and give a free copy to whoever got up and played. I still have mine somewhere! Maybe I will upload it to the site sometime!


Do you sometimes listen to your own album or do you prefer playing the songs?

Yeh, I listen to my album, it's in the car. The kids always ask me to put it on. It's cool listening to them sing along to the songs. For me nothing really beats performing the songs live to an audience.


What was the best concert you ever visited?

I've been to some great concerts and also to a few weekend festivals. My first festival was v99.... was a fantastic lineup and a great weekend! I took my acoustic guitar to this festival... after the shows I’ve done my own little concert round the tent... one night there were over 100 people watching and singing along.


What other instruments besides guitar do you play?

Yeh I enjoy playing drums. If the band aren't around I'll put bass guitar ideas down and also odd string line etc.


Do you have any other passion(s) besides music?

I like nature, and the great outdoors. Also enjoy snowboarding and skiing...


Did you ever have plans to do a "normal" job? If yes: which one was it? If no: which one would it be?

No, I'm happy with the job I've got.


How does a "normal day" look like if you're not touring?

It starts like most people I guess... brush teeth, have coffee, drop kids off at school,...  Some days I'm in the studio. Walk the dog... sometimes answer questions lol


If you should describe Dean in a few words.....which words would you choose?

open minded, free spirited and creative

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