Dean is a fan of many different genres of music, which have all had their part to play in his inspiration and influences.

Like his taste in music Dean’s own songs are very versatile. Being a teenager he first started to write and record songs. “I often get song ideas as I’m just about to fall asleep. Sometimes they’re about the way I’m feeling, sometimes the way someone else is feeling. After I have an idea I’ll pick up the guitar and go from there.”

Currently Dean is working on a new album, and we can be curious about which side of himself he’s going to show us on it!

Dean’s latest album “Gravity” is one that he did with his friend of 20 years Matt Parker:


Dean Barton

Get Me Home

Somethings Changing

Broken Hearts

Rest Of My Years

Come Back Again

Save Me From Myself

Love Is All That Matters

Cut The Wires


Baby Come Home

available as digital downlaod at

"Gravity" is of a melodic indie pop style, full of unique songs and rich in variety. With heartfelt melancholy lyrics and beautifully crafted songs “Gravity” shows off the softer side of Dean’s powerful and emotional voice that gives any kind of songs something special and casts a spell on everyone.

Dean has been writing songs with Matt Parker over the past 15 years. They're writing and recording together first starting when they were in the band "The Colours". They both felt it was the right time to write, record and produce a full album. As they both had other musical commitments the album was done in their spare time, taking just over a year to complete.

Matt played the majority of the guitar parts including bass guitar, Dean put some acoustic and electric guitar parts down and Andy Whelan (Spirit of Smokie) recorded a couple of nice guitar parts on the track "Cut the wires". Stevie Dee (Spirit of Smokie) played keyboards, from hammond parts to strings, and on drums was Mick Bedford, a fantastic drummer who has worked with many of the greats.

Most of the album was recorded at ADL studios (Dean's own studio) and some at Matt Parker's studio. The mixing and mastering was done by Neil Ferguson.


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